This page is intended to inform you of some of the services provided by Apexroot.

Network Management

Hardware Installation, Configuration, Upgrades and Maintenance
routers, firewalls, servers, cables, telephony, UPS, peripherals, PCI, PCMCIA, swtiches
Server Installation, Configuration, Upgrades and Maintenance
vpn, desktop sharing, web server, database server, domain controller, file server, email (smtp pop3 imap), exchange (outlook), cross-platform communications, application servers, backup servers, cloud computing, virus removal, server migration, software developer workstations, team development servers
Network Architecture
network design, schematics, migration planning, disaster recovery, redundant systems, honeypots

Software Development

Application Programming
top-level development by experienced consultants, development team management, common practice enforcement, corporate policy code review
test plans, issue tracking, unit testing, automated builds, code repository build enforcement
Database Design
tables, indexes, constraints, schemas, triggers, functions, procedures, business logic
network, database, application code, profiling, monitoring, identification and optimization