This page is intended to provide a summary of the experience available at Apexroot.


Expert expert Consultant has in depth knowledge and experience with this technology
Proficient proficient Consultant has proficient knowledge and experience with this technology
Experienced experienced Consultant has some knowledge and experience with this technology

Experience Summary

Technology Experience
Android experienced proficient
Android JUnit proficient
ASP proficient
Agile Development Process experienced
Apache experienced proficient proficient
ASP.NET proficient
AWT proficient
C/C++ expert
C# experienced
Computer vision expert
COM+ / DCOM proficient
ColdFusion experienced experienced proficient
CSS experienced experienced proficient
CVS proficient
DB2 SQL PL proficient
Drupal proficient
Eclipse experienced experienced proficient
FTP proficient proficient
Git experienced
GraalScript proficient
Hibernate proficient
HTML experienced experienced proficient
HTTP/HTTPs proficient proficient
IBM/DB2 experienced
IBM iSeries (OS/400) experienced
IBM WDSC experienced
IIS experienced experienced proficient
Iterative Development Process proficient
Java expert expert
JavaDoc proficient proficient
JavaMail proficient
JavaScript experienced proficient
JQuery proficient
JSF proficient
JSON proficient
JSP proficient experienced
JUnit proficient proficient
LabView experienced
MASM experienced
MVC proficient proficient
MS Access proficient
MS SQL Server expert
MySQL proficient experienced expert
NETBeans proficient proficient
.NET Framework proficient
OOP / OOD proficient proficient
Objective-C experienced
Oracle experienced experienced
PDFBox proficient
Perl experienced proficient
PHP experienced experienced proficient
PL/SQL proficient
PLPGSQL expert
POP3 experienced
PostgreSQL proficient proficient
R:Base experienced
SMTP experienced
Source Safe proficient
Spring proficient
SQL (ANSI) proficient experienced expert
SQL PL (IBM) proficient
SQLite experienced
SSRS experienced
Struts experienced
Subversion proficient proficient proficient
Swing proficient
TCP/IP v4 & v6 proficient experienced
T-SQL expert
Unix / Linux experienced experienced
VB.NET proficient
Visio proficient proficient proficient
Visual Basic proficient
Visual Studio proficient proficient
Waterfall Development Process proficient
Windows Server expert proficient
x86 Assembler experienced
XML proficient proficient